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Thread: Occupancy switch triggers itself every hour

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    Well well--mystery solved! I called the tech support. The guy was nice and helpful (didn't insisting it's a cat walking). He mentioned that wireless routers may interfere with the switches.

    It reminded me that my router is placed just 4 feet apart from the sensor--although separated by a wall. It's the same router (Asus N66U) and has always been placed at the same place. But around the same time the switch became haunted, I updated the router's firmware to the Merlin custom FW.

    Can a custom FW alone cause the interference? It's a huge stretch but last night I turned off the router (can't do it during the day otherwise the family will suffocate) and set up a time-lapse camera. Guess what? The switch never came on once the whole night. So it IS the router! How crazy is that? Maybe the custom FW secretly boosts the signal strength (I always set it at 100% before)? But I would have never guessed. I will have to move it a foot away then.

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    Hello icefox, Thanks for the update. I am glad you were able to find the "ghost."

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    Hi..i have few queries...i want to know that are you using some sort of fan system in the house that periodically turns the air over? Any change in the HVAC requirements over the last few days? While excellent, the sensor may be fooled by large air masses of a different temperature suddenly moving within the space. The sensors are passive infrared; and this can be a problem for any sensor, although Lutron sensors are the best at the false triggers. Try setting the sensor to one less sensitive setting, and see if the problem persists.

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    No.. I have on demand ac but when this occurred ac wasn't running at all. They don't trigger every hour either anyway.

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