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Thread: Security system integration questions

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    Security system integration questions

    I'm trying to set up my system so it works the same with my Concord4 alarm system as the Honeywell system would that "natively" integrates. So I'm programming the repeater phantom buttons as follows:

    100 (Emergency) - all shades full open, most interior lights 25%, Single/Multi-room scene
    99 (Interior Full) - all shades full open, most interior lights 100%, Single/Multi-room scene
    98 (Exterior Flash) - all exterior lights 100%, Single/Multi-room scene

    How does the Flash work? I don't see any way to set that up in the RRA2 programming. Or is that something that the Honeywell system does on it's own (toggles button 98)?

    Since the Concord system doesn't "speak" Lutron, I'll be using my Home Automation system (Indigo) to trigger on events from the security system and send the appropriate commands to the Lutron repeater.

    Any other pointers on alarm system integration would be appreciated.

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    Nevermind on the flashing lights question. I figured that one out, the button type needs to be Security Mode.

    What's the best way to release Security Mode? Do it on the alarm system being reset?

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    Security mode will turn off when the contact closure reopens, generally when the alarm system is disabled.

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    Not using a contact closure. But I can detect when the alarm is reset and send a button release command then.

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