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Thread: Occupancy sensor - corner or ceiling?

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    Occupancy sensor - corner or ceiling?

    In general, what do people prefer to use and why? For most rooms, I would think the corner sensor would make it easier to not activate on motion in adjoining rooms or hallways. But I'm not sure what's better in (short) hallways. But a ceiling mount half way down, or a corner unit? For this house, the first floor is all 12' ceilings. Second floor is 10'. Doors are all 8'.

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    Hello, either sensor type can be put in to a test mode to help determine the best place in the room to place it. The test mode will allow the sensor to flash orange when motion is detected.

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    Well, I'd rather not buy the wrong type in the first place. So recommendations on what types are best used where would be appreciated.

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    Diver, all the sensors are rated to work up to a 12' height. I would go by asthetics. Round on the ceiling? or rectangle in the corner? Both will work. I would pick the one that you feel is "least unattractive" for the space.
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    Heh. That means I have to get the boss to do a walkthrough and decide. I'm not allowed to make aesthetic decisions. ;)

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    The sensors are reasonably inexpensive, and work very well.

    Aesthetics are tough here, when you don't currently have sensors there's a tendency to fixate on how they'd look. Once you have them you really never give them a second thought.

    There's also the LRF-ARM adjustable mount. Which would allow mounting a 90 or 180 sensor in places or at angles that might provide more effective coverage.

    Old-school solutions work for the ceiling sensors. As in, the facets on the dome can be covered to help avoid unwanted detection. There's two angles of vertical coverage which you can see via the facets. A bit of white tape over the angle covering a doorway, while still allowing closer/under coverage has worked great for a master closet that offered nowhere but the ceiling for mounting. Arm mounts and corner sensors could have been used but a tiny swatch of tape worked perfectly!

    One tip, 3M Command picture hanging strips are fantastic for temporary placements. Buy 'em in bulk:

    This way you can put a strip on the back of the unit and others in temporary places. You can move the sensors a bit to see what provides most effective coverage, without 'wasting' a whole strip for each move. I've also made some corner blocks to use for testing. Just small pieces of wood cut on a miter saw. These allow for positioning at angles other than just 45 degree in a corner. Which can be a less expensive alternative to an LRF-ARM.

    My advice is get one of each: ceiling, 90 corner and 180 wall. Experiment a bit to get a feel for which will provide the best experience.

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