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Thread: 6NA Won't activate

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    6NA Won't activate

    I have a 6NA that won't activate. I've done the factory reset procedure which I think works fine. It controls the light just fine but has no interest at all in connecting to the rest of the house. ~30 devices other than the main repeater.

    When I try to press and hold the main button as I normally would for activating it starts blinking the 3rd LED from the bottom. If I continue to hold it, eventually it starts a scrolling sequence from the center out. The only way I seem to be able to make that stop is to pull out the disconnect underneath the main button or perform the factory reset again.

    Any ideas on this? Is it just a dead switch.

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    Did you exit activation after resetting the device? If you reset a device during system activation it usually will not activate until you exit activation then try again. Sometime transferring the other devices helps before trying to activate again.

    It could also be a signal issue, too far from closest repeater.

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    I've reset and retried activation several times. As far as distance it is actually the closest device to the repeater. 8' distance from repeater tops and another device ganged with it works fine.

    I didn't see any mention of the middle out sweep or the third from bottom blink on activation attempt anywhere in Lutron documentation and I've never seen that behavior before.

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    It sounds like at this point it would be time to replace this device.

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