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Thread: Lutron Touch Pro Thermostat

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    Lutron Touch Pro Thermostat

    Can someone tell me how to factory default a Touch Pro Thermostat or even easier paste a link


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    There are 2 types of Factory Default for this device. Type one is a system default, Type two is a full device default. The difference is the system default only removes it from the system it thinks it is currently speaking to where the full device default takes the entire unit and all its settings back to factory default state. The system default should be all that is required if you are trying to remove it from one system and add it to another (or the same system if troubleshooting). That said see below for steps on how to reach these options.

    Step 1: Press the system button on the left side of the screen.
    Step 2: At the bottom of the screen press and hold buttons 3 and 5 (these should be either side of the dead center button)
    Step 3: You should see a display come up with the number 0170 with an up/down arrow and a two digit number with another up/down arrow, press the up/down arrow until you reach the following:
    Step 3a: Option 0710 for the full device default, change the option on the right to a 1 then click done. (Keep in mind this option will set everything back to factory default therefore you may want to first record where all the other options are set to first)
    Step 3b: Option 0900 for the system default, change the option on the right to a 0 then click done.

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    That worked thank you.

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