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Thanks Mike -- I can see this solution working for a fan control. However, if you want a light to turn off, that's controlled by a dimmer, this solution doesn't work -- the light would just gradually dim over 20 minutes -- unless I'm overlooking something.
This would work for lighting as well. Look under Design, and right click the dimmer/switch in question. Pop up menu comes up and select advanced settings. You can change the high/low trim/ fade on/off, preset level, and the part you need- delayed fade off. Delayed fade off is rarely used, even in stand-alone Maestro. Most don't know it's there or how to use it. Figure out the amount of seconds you want to have a time out for, and enter into the Delayed Fade Off box. Save and transfer. Now go to the dimmer in question and press and hold. You'll see the indicator LEDs start flashing. The higher the LED on the dimmer, the longer the delayed fade off. When it gets close to timing out, it will be on the lowest of the LEDs. If the dimmer is touched again during this delay, the delay is cancelled and normal operation resumes. If the timer reaches the set time, light fades off. Teach this sequence to the homeowner. They'll forget, and call for a reminder sometimes. Usually, if they want this feature, they remember. Just press and hold the dimmer. If you have your own system or are on site, try an existing dimmer. Standard setting is for 30 seconds.