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Thread: Automatic sequence problem

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    Automatic sequence problem


    I programmed a timeclock to start a "1 hour heater" sequence every day at 8PM. The sequence is programmed with the following:
    Type: Automatic.
    Tracking: UnChecked.
    Sequence Step 001: Automatically go to next step after 1 hour. Heater switch settings is ON.
    Stop Sequence: Automatically stop sequence after 1 loop. Heater switch settings is OFF.
    The heater is turned ON time but turned OFF after only HALF of the time. Time is showing and ticking correctly from the terminal. There is no other timeclock/scene/sequence/preset etc. concerning that heater. What's seemed to be the problem?
    P.S. - separating the sequence to either timeclocks or scenes ("heater on" and "heater off") seems to be working fine.

    Thanks ahead,

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