I love the Idea of a virtual dimmer. This would make it possible to use pico remotes as HomeKit triggers without having to buy tons of lamp dimmers for no other use. I currently have one lamp dimmer that I use to trigger an insteon 4 speed fan controler using a 4 button pico controler.

I noticed that once the lamp dimmer has been detected that everything still works if I unplug it. I wonder if its possible to get in to the firmware somehow and change the device ID of the lamp dimmer... Then I could re detect the same lamp dimmer as a second device to use for other trigger.

A single lamp dimmer could techicly be used for 100 triggers, the only problem is that the bottom button on the 4 button pico remotes can not be changed to anything but off... I guess one solution would be to take apart the pico remote and cover the bottom contact with electrical tape... then you could get 3 scenes out of a Single 4 button remote.

Hofully lutron just adds virtual devices... this would be awesome for home automation...