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Thread: Is it possible to use two switches in a 3-way setup?

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    Is it possible to use two switches in a 3-way setup?

    I have two switches for a staircase, non-dimming. I wanted to use the Caseta switch at both ends because I like the look and the elimination of the manual toggle. Can I connect two of them in a 3-way setup or is that bad?

    I wanted to avoid the Pico because I don't really like the look of it, especially when I don't need dimming, but I think I might have found an answer. Amazon shows a Pico that looks like the switch.

    If I have this right, I could do the following:

    Qty 1 - PD-5WS-DV
    Qty 1 - PJ2-2B-GWH-L01
    Qty 1 - PICO-WBX-ADAPT
    Qty 1 - PICO-CW-1-WH

    This would give me the same look at the top and bottom of the stairs, one being the switch and the other being the dimmer. Is this correct?

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    That list is correct, though the model number for the 1-gang wall plate is just CW-1-WH. You may also need another wall plate at the other location, unless you already have a wall plate with a decorator opening in it.

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    Thank you for verifying. I did order two wall plates.

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