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Thread: Trouble With GU10 LEDs

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    Trouble With GU10 LEDs

    Using Caseta units all over the house. Put one on the kitchen track light (low voltage). That didn't work.
    Changed out the track light for 120V system and put in GU10 LEDs that the lighting store guy swore were compatible
    Now I need new bulbs (maybe a new lighting store) but I got lost on the compatibility are of the Lutron site.
    I am using PD-6WCL dimmers and any advice on a compatible LED lamp would be most appreciated.

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    We are sorry to hear about the compatibility issues you are having. To find a GU10 LED for your Caseta dimmer, we would suggest using our LED product selection tool which can be found at

    1. Under Fixture/Lamp Type, Select “GU10 Lamp”
    2. Under Lutron Control, Select the “Caseta Dimmer”
    3. You do not need to make any other selections, but you can select a preferred manufacturer to get a smaller list
    4. Click on the orange Search button
    5. The page will refresh, Scroll down
    6. A table will appear with a list of all the LED lights we have tested for your product
    7. In the third column of each row, there is a PDF link to a report card on each LED fixture

    Selecting and interpreting the report card:
    1. If you would like to view the report card of a bulb, click on the orange PDF link in the third column of the table, under the Product Name heading.
    2. A new window will open, this is the Lutron Product Report Card.
    3. In the heading, you will see information about the bulb, including make and model number.
    4. Below this you will see a table. Buzzing results may be listed in the right hand column under “Comments”
    5. Below the table you will see “Test comments” Buzzing results may be listed here if buzzing was seen with most controls.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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