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Thread: Correct/easiest way to replace and/or move a device?

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    Correct/easiest way to replace and/or move a device?

    What's the recommended method for moving a device from one location to another?

    Let me clarify, I have a RRD-3LD in white that needs to be replaced with a black one. Integration already depends on the ID. How do I swap out the white one for a black one and not have to re-do anything depending upon the white one's integration ID?

    Once replaced, the white one would be used elsewhere in the same project.

    Not sure if this is a 'best practices' or 'troubleshooting' kind of question, so moderators feel free to move it.

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    Easiest way to swap out device is -
    1. Deactivate it in the software,
    2. Physically replace device with a new one,
    3. Reactive new device in the software in place of old one,
    4. Transfer updated programming.

    All existing programming (and I would expect the integration ID too) will be transferred to the new device.

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    Yes, that would make sense. I didn't see Deactivate as I wasn't poking around with an Activation session in progress. I'll try it and report back.

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    ...which ran afoul of getting the error:
    Quote Quote
    IP multicast failed for repeater with serial number 00xxxxxx. Please check the network connections to this repeater and firewall settings and try again.
    Power cycling resolved that error... onward!

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