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Thread: Diagnostics in PC software?

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    Diagnostics in PC software?

    What is the diagnostics mode showing, exactly? Is there any documentation on it?

    When I bring it up on a two repeater (Inclusive) system there's a number of devices that intermittently appear/disappear from the list (with "[x] Show issues only" checked). Eventually, after 5 minutes or so, it seems to settle down. That is, it stabilizes on a list of devices 'with issues' but it's not always been the same devices.

    None of the devices doing this have been having any kind of trouble operating. They've all reliably taken their Transfer from the program.

    Does diagnostics favor one repeater over the other? Is there a way to select which one gets used for the purpose?

    I've also noticed the repeaters don't always return to normal mode when the program exits diagnostic mode. The repeater continues to beep on device activities. Sometimes going back into Diagnostic mode (in Inclusive) and exiting again solves this, sometimes not. Then it takes sending a #RESET,0 or hard-power cycling it. This is somewhat repeatable. Use 9.3 Inclusive to enter diagnostics. Leave it there for 5+ minutes. Then use the [Done] button to exit. The repeaters won't show the "Exited RF Diagnostics mode on Link #0 @Time" line. Go back into diagnostics, let it show the list and then use the Done button to leave it again. This seems to properly exit both repeaters.

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    When using Diagnostics the software may show an error for a device if the system is seeing any errors with that device. The error may not be causing communication issues with that device. Since this is a 2 Main Repeater system, it could be seeing an error being caused by something on the network that is causing an error with a specific device.

    When you are running diagnostics, how are you connected to the system? Your network connection may be playing a factor in commands getting from your computer to the Main Repeater. If you would like us to review a support file to see if we can see any errors being caused by network traffic, you can send the support file to

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    The PC is one switch away from the switch with the repeaters. As in, CAT5 from the PC to a switch, CAT5 to another switch and then CAT5 into the repeaters (they're both on the same switch).

    I'll see about sending a support file later in the week. I want to try to a direct CAT5 connection into the same switch as the repeaters first, to see if that makes any difference.

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