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Thread: Palladiom Loop

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    Palladiom Loop


    I just received a call stating that the palladiom keypads on one side of the house are not working. I assumed it was due to the keypad loop landing however I was told that the keypads are still back lit. So they are obviously powered but are not responding to the programming. I had the building manager reset the processor with the PWR-kit breaker but to no avail.

    Again the right wing of the house is working perfectly fine but the left wing is where the problem is occurring. This job is out of state so I will be making an emergency visit next week and just wanted to have people bounce some idea's around so I have somethings to go off of when I get there.

    It's a single processor with 2 PNL-8's. The panels are in different wings of the house and both have keypad landings however the electrician ran an interconnect between the two. Everything was working fine in January.

    All help is much appreciated.


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    There are a handful of things that I would try to see where it leads us in terms of finding an answer:

    1) Start with shooting a fresh transfer to the system.
    - It doesnt seem likely that one whole half of a building would stop working because of the root project file on the processor, but it doesn't hurt to try it.
    - More importantly, do we get transfer errors to any of these keypads? This will help confirm for us that there is a wiring/ communication error if we see that whole wing come up in red in transfer.
    2) If you take one of these keypads out of the wall and temporarily plug it in directly to the processor link by itself does it start working?
    - It could be either that wing of the house had something happen to the low voltage QS wiring, or, one of the keypads on the loops is backfeeding or shorted and causing issues for the whole wing.
    - If the keypad works and is funcational once plugged into the processor, the I would start pulling keypads out of this wing until we start to see functionality again.
    - If the keypad does not work then we know this is not the issue.
    3) Deactivate and reactivate one keypad.
    - Does this make it show up in the transfer or do we still get comunication errors.

    While performing all of this I would be hardwired into the processor from your computer. Even if we trust the network we just want to do all we can to rule out anything that could cause any type of communication or firewall issues.

    Good luck next week and hope all goes well!

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    I think Corey has given you a good starting point.
    Your experience reminds me of an odd lockup we experienced once with QS.
    Keypads responded to button presses, but one PNL8 wasn't responding. LED feedback would update but one of 4 PNL8 wouldn't update the lights. Rebooting the MI resulted in all lights in the funky MI to turn on to 100%. Keypads continued to not affect the lights in the problem panel.
    Our service tech ended up working with Lutron on the phone, as transfers didn't change things. I believe he ended up disconnecting the MI terminator and all 4 MI links, and then reattaching them in order. No problems since.
    hope this helps-

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    Thanks everyone. I'll be on site tomorrow and will update after.

    Again thanks for the suggestions.

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    Curious to know if there was a simple solution?

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