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Thread: old sytem won't activate

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    old sytem won't activate

    I have a system that was setup previous to me taking on the job.
    Not sure what it was programmed in but updated it to 9.2
    Found that a keypad and a few dimmers and switches were not in the system.
    Added, programmed and tried to activate them. Didn't work. Did not do a transfer.
    3 off the devices are within 8' of the main.
    Pulled out a couple out to get serial number and check that they are RA2. Yep.
    Flashed a few current devices to confirm communication. Yep
    Factory reset devices. Still no good.
    Then realized that the main wasn't beeping as I was entering and exiting activation.
    Pushed the add button on the main and saw all current devices flashing but not the new ones.
    I though maybe it was done with walk around programming and then maybe they tried to update with software not knowing that wouldn't work but serials numbers all show in the software. System is programmed horribly and never was engraved but programming is in the software.
    Then had to leave as house keeper needed to lock up.

    Still think it's Walk around. Have never update a walk to Pc. Do I need to redo system from scratch or is there a better way?
    Pretty sure I know the answer to that.

    Any ideas?

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    You'll have to factory default everything to erase the walk around.
    Simple automation when DIY isn't working

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