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Thread: Ways to merge two sets of (3-way) lights.

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    Ways to merge two sets of (3-way) lights.

    We have two sets of lights that we never want to control separately but are on wired on different switches (each a 3-way). Further, the switch locations are not convenient at all. I'd like to avoid rewiring them.

    I'd like to convert them to Caseta wireless switches. I understand that one of the two way switches for each set will need to be a Caseta Dimmer but the other will be a pico remote and that each of these pico remotes can be set to control both sets of lights. But the Caseta Dimmer location of each cannot be programmed that way. Correct?

    This would make it a bit better, but still not ideal. I've included our problem lighting layout below. The light blue lines represent our most common travel in and out of the office. We'd like the green and red lights to go on/off together-- there is never a need for one and not the other. Worse, you can see that the switches for the main office lights (red) are badly placed for this line of travel. When you open the door, it blocks the red B switch, so you have to step in, close the door, and then turn on the lights. Or head around the wall to switch D. It is natural to want to use both switches A and C for the main lights at times, but with Caseta, one will have to remain a switch for green light only.

    We also already use an Amazon Echo to control some Hue bulbs and would really love to have Echo control Caseta lights. I read that there are some ways to link Caseta to echo via wink or Vera-Smartbridge-Hue.

    So, I'm wondering if any of those configurations would offer the ability to program a trigger such that if either Caseta Dimmer switch is pressed and turned on/off, the other set of lights gets triggered on/off via Wink or Vera or Smartbridge. Is this possible?

    I guess another solution is to use a 3rd pico remote and pair it up with the green Caseta dimmer.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    If you are looking to use the Caseta controls in this situation, you could use dimmers at positions C and D, and use Pico remote controls at locations A and B. You could then program both Picos to control both dimmers at the same time. You may want to mount a Pico next to location C and program it to control both sets of lights as well, in case someone want to turn off all the lights when they go in/out of the bedroom. Or possibly reverse the Pico/dimmer arrangement between locations A and C with the additional Pico installed at location A.

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    Also know that you can use a Pico in a wall-mount faceplate that's bigger than the box underneath it. Essentially placing the Pico on top of flat drywall beneath it. That and you can even use a Claro wall plate to put a switch anywhere else. I've got some 2-gang Claro faceplates with Picos in them and they're just stuck to the wall with 3M Command picture hanging (sort of velcro) strips. It's indistinguishable from an actual wall box. Of course you could just as well use drywall anchors to fix them more securely once you find the ideal position. You could, of course, use other size wall plates (single, triple or more). You don't 'have to' use the Claro plates but they do seem to offer that 'little bit more' room underneath them to work well with the Pico wall mount clips.

    That and Pico desk pedestals are handy. We've used them in several situations, in single, double and even 3-pedestal arrangements.

    As for triggering actions, the dimmers themselves won't do that. But if you find a workable combination of Pico remotes it might not matter.

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