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Thread: Connection to Smart Bridge intermittent

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    Connection to Smart Bridge intermittent

    I have Caseta dimming switches controlling the lights in two rooms. I have the app installed on two Motorola Moto X phones with Android version 5.1 O/S and an iPad with the latest O/S version.

    When I first installed the app, it worked for a short time and then I got an error that it could not connect to the Smart Bridge (same error on all devices). I spent over an hour on the phone with Lutron support tech. We reset the Smart Bridge and router several times and I even changed the router and Ethernet cables and still could not get a connection. Eventually it found the Smart Bridge and started to work. About 30 minutes after I got off the phone with tech support, it stopped working again. I restarted my phone and reset the router and it worked for about and hour, but then could not find the Smart Bridge again. The next morning it was working and continued to work for a couple of days. Last night I put out the lights when I went to bed (using my iPad) and this morning it was not working again. A few hours later, I tried it and was able to connect. My internet has been rock solid, so it is not a network problem.

    The system is totally unreliable. Does anyone have any ideas?


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    Can you please email the above issue to ? There are a couple of things I would like to try and test out, but it would be best done via email. Also, what kind of router are you using?

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    Brian, I sent you an email.
    Router info: Netgear: (firmware is the latest version)
    Firmware Version

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    I connected the bridge into a hub, vice directly into the router and it worked. I don't understand how this helps, but it immediately connected. Previously I had tried multiple ports on the router and multiple Ethernet cables with no success. It will only work plugged into the D-Link hub that is connected to my Netgear router.

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