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Thread: Hardware Request. Singel Gang Fan/Dimmer

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    Hardware Request. Singel Gang Fan/Dimmer

    Can we please have one of these
    for Homeworks.

    We were at a job today where we had a fan light homerun to a dimmer in a closet, and a fan sped control in the room, all for HQWS.

    Well of course, the fan that was installed shares a neutral for the fan and the light. Since the dimming circuit and the fan circuit are in 2 different locations in the house, the circuits are different. We cant tie the neutrals together because the arc fault breakers don't like that. So now we are cutting in another box so we can relocate the dimmer that was supposed to be hidden to next to the local fan speed controller. That will add the exact wall clutter we were trying to eliminate with lighting control to begin with.

    a single gang fan speed controller that can control a light kit would be a welcome addition to the hardware side of things, as well as a problem solver.


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    Indeed, it'd be useful for the reasons you suggestion. Might it also be useful to have a canopy receiver setup like the Maestro units? That seems like it'd eliminate a lot of problems and simplify wiring quite a bit. That'd get my vote.

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    Thank you for the suggestion on a single gang fan speed controller with light kit control. We will forward this information to our development team for consideration.

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    I'm guessing something like the relay modules proves it's technologically possible. The only complication comes in what's required to access the device for activation. But then the Maestro's fan/light canopy module has certainly proven that aspect can be overcome. But, truth be told, I don't mind the use of dip switches for programming the canopy and the switches. It's perhaps not as secure as other methods, but it certainly makes setup and install a little simpler. The canopy module just has the added bonus of being able to do it where only a 2 wire switch leg has been pulled to the box.

    Either way, dual control of a fan and it's lighting from a single can would be great!

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