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Thread: Corner or ceiling for occupancy?

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    Corner or ceiling for occupancy?

    I have a scenario where occupancy control is desired in a home office setting. This will be mainly for desk activities, so sensitivity would have to be high. However, there's an adjacent entry hallway where line-of-sight from the ceiling would be problematic. As in, it'd pick up motion out in the hall that would not be desirable to determine occupancy in the office.

    I employed a ceiling unit in an L-shaped master closet in the residence and found it necessary to use a bit of white tape to block the sensor's coverage out a nearby door. There wasn't anywhere in the room that would have been effective for wall or corner sensors. That's worked, with the small requirement that the unit be put back into the ceiling mount in the same orientation every time. A mark and label in the the mount indicates this for when the battery needs replacing years from now.

    A corner unit might work, but I don't know if it'd be sensitive enough to provide enough sensitivity for seated positions. Is there a spec sheet that shows the vertical spread of the sensor? The ceiling one does, but the wall one does not.

    It's sometimes a challenge finding the sweet spot for detecting motion in ways the occupants "think it should".

    What, if any, issues are there if there's more than one sensor covering the space?

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    Under Step 3 in the installation guide posted below has the coverage for the wall and corner mount sensors:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike S. View Post
    Under Step 3 in the installation guide posted below has the coverage for the wall and corner mount sensors:
    Which is the PDF to which I already linked to in my question. In which the diagrams only indicate 'Top View'. Whereas the one for the ceiling sensor (which I also linked) shows BOTH a top and a side view.

    I'm asking it there's a diagram that indicates the wall/corner sensor SIDE VIEW detection pattern like the one for the ceiling sensor.

    The situation is such that the only viable corner has furniture positioned such that the sensor would have to be raised high enough that it might not detect a seating position directly below it. Thus my question is really how tight (vertically) is the cone (if there's any at all) that extends from a wall sensor?

    I'm fine if there isn't but I'd rather avoid wasting time attempting to use a sensor ill-suited to the job.

    I went through a similar situation trying to find the best way to monitor a basement bath. There was no effective way to position a ceiling unit (not to mention potential shower humidity issues) such that it wouldn't false-trigger to foot traffic outside the room, but still detect presence at a sink right inside the entry. Thus putting a wall unit almost 'behind' the entry door was considered. There, however, we ran into trouble with a 180 sensor picking up motion due to the gap where the door hinged open! Yeah, they're GREAT when you need that kind of sensitivity; this time... not so much. A 90 degree corner sensor, flat on the wall, has been found to work perfectly. It's cone is tight enough that it doesn't false-trigger.

    I wouldn't have asked if I didn't have a concern based on experience, and hadn't already reviewed the installation docs. But hey, I can either waste time asking a question or waste it doing and re-doing an install. Now I get to do both. Thanks, I guess?

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