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Thread: Problem discovering smart bridge

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    Problem discovering smart bridge

    For the first month I had it, my smart bridge was working fine. Now, for the last several weeks, when I press "Siri Integration" or try to use Siri activation, I get the "discovering smart bridge" message for 10 seconds or so and then "you must be on your home network..." yada yada yada. I am on my home network, excellent wifi coverage. I've rebooted the router, phone, smart bridge, reset all my homenetwoking, everything I can find. Even bought a new router in the meantime - same issue. The lights work fine. Occasionally, it works and goes into Rooms and Scenes, but most of the time it gets stuck on discovering smart bridge. I tried deleting the homekit stuff and resetting everything, no better. I was thinking about setting a static IP but can't find how to do it. Any ideas?

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    If HomeKit/Siri is not working, try these steps first:
    Update your iOS device to the latest version of iOS.
    Restart your iOS device.
    Go to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive and make sure that your iOS device has iCloud Drive turned on.
    If you still have issues, turn off iCloud Keychain, then turn it back on. Make sure that you signed in to iCloud successfully.

    If that doesn’t fix the issue, try these steps next:
    1. Try unpairing the Smart Bridge from the iOS device.

    • Open the Lutron App and go to Settings > Siri Integration > Edit Home & Users > Remove Smart Bridge.
    • If you cannot get to screen with Remove Smart Bridge, continue to the next step.

    2. Clear HomeKit data from the Smart Bridge.

    • Pressing and holding the button on the Smart Bridge for 20 seconds will remove any HomeKit pairing data and restore network settings to defaults.

    3. Try pairing the iOS device to the Smart Bridge via the Settings > Siri Integration menu. If this fails, continue on to the next step.

    4. Try resetting all HomeKit data on the iOS device. WARNING: This will remove all pairings with other HomeKit accessories and should be done as a last resort. If you own no HomeKit accessories besides the Smart Bridge, this step can be performed without risk of losing valuable data.

    • To reset all HomeKit settings on an iOS device, go to Settings > Privacy > HomeKit and there is an option to “Reset HomeKit Configuration”?

    NOTE: If the above does not work, reset HomeKit configuration on all iOS devices you may have associated to your iCloud account.

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