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Thread: Sliding glass doors

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    Sliding glass doors

    What shade solutions are commonly used for sliding glass doors?
    ? Roller shades using two shades (one for access). To reduce light gaps would you specify one as inside mount and the other as outside mount?

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    The idea of using roller shades doesn't sound too bad and the inside/outside mount approach sounds interesting.
    A more elegant window treatment option I would consider is a drapery track system. Perhaps even a dual system that would have a sheer panel and a blackout panel.
    Lutron also has the option of a manual open master carrier. This can help in situations when entering the space from outside the door when the drape is closed. It allows for the fabric panel to open if forced by hand without damaging the system. Also a great option for guests who may not know about a motorized drape.
    It can also be simply controled using a wireless pico remote. There is an option for a preset which can be set to allow access to the sliding door without having to open it to full 100% open.
    If you would like further information please visit or contact us via phone at 1 888 588 7661.

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    Roller shades is what we use. For us it depends on the door system. They are almost always outside mount. Sometimes reverse rolled to clear the handle. I usually do it as 2 shades, one for the first slider that is the door that is used the most, and then another shade for the other side. If it is a 3 door system, ill do one small shade, and another coupled shade with 2 panels so when down it looks uniform. I don't worry about the light gaps because there usually is a trim piece so we just line up on that so it is evenly split and the shades are evenly distributed in the opening.
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    Thank you!

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