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Thread: HQRD-10ND Dimmer Getting Very Hot

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    HQRD-10ND Dimmer Getting Very Hot

    Good afternoon,

    We have a project where there is a HQRD-10ND dimmer installed in a client's Master Closet which is getting very hot to the touch. The load information is as follows:

    • Murray Feiss SF308 (Malibu) fixtures x 5 each
    • Each fixture contains three incandescent 60W bulbs
    • Max wattage is 900W with all 15 light bulbs
    • Electrician has measured the actual max load as installed to be 6.7A

    We've replaced the original dimmer once already to make sure it was not the product itself. If we replace the 10ND with a standard toggle switch from Home Depot, the switch doesn't get hot like it does with the 10ND. Any ideas on what could cause this issue and what we can do to remedy it? Perhaps we could install an 8ANS instead of the dimmer?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks much!


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    All Lutron dimmers are very efficient but they do generate a small amount of heat. This heat is partially dissipated by the metal front of the dimmer, which acts as a heat sink, and escapes partially through the wall plate. As a result, the wall plate may normally feel very warm when touched if the dimmer is on.

    It is important to note, however, that each dimmer has a specific load limit which should not be exceeded.

    For the HQRD-10ND, its capacity for incandescent loads is as follows:

    • Not ganged: 1000 watts
    • End of gang: 800 watts
    • Middle of gang: 650 watts

    All of Lutron’s dimmers meet or exceed the most stringent safety requirements published by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). To ensure safe, reliable operation of the dimmer, it should be installed and operated according to the instructions that are provided with the product. The UL temperature requirement for solid state wallbox dimmers is a maximum temperature rise of 65 ºC (or 150 ºF) above room ambient temperature measured on the front heat sink of the dimmer.

    Hope this helps, JW!

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