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Thread: Do i always need to activate all devices or i can skip it?

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    Do i always need to activate all devices or i can skip it?

    Hi, I am working on a RR2 project where there are multiple devices. Last week I added few more devices and when I go to Activate tab, software asks me to activate ALL devices, not only the new ones but also the old ones that were activated before the change. There is also an option to skip activation for device. So my question is, when I add or delete some devices, do I need to walk around and activate all devices included the ones activated before the change or to pick option to skip the old ones and only activate new ones?

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    Once activated, you do not have to activate a device again. The software reference to "all" is un-activated devices.
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    In the software, you can also click on any devices you want to activate individually and have it do just the ones you want at that time.

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