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Thread: RRD-6D and Par30LED

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    RRD-6D and Par30LED

    Have a old system I inherited and it's is all RRD-6D.
    Any experience with par30 and the 6D?
    planning on using Eiko.
    In the area I'm starting the lowest amount is 2 bulbs. Kitchen is 8, family room is 10.
    Trying to avoid changing dimmer.

    Please don't point me to the LED selection site.


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    Good morning MitchE,

    The RRD-6D was never designed to control LED lighting loads and will more often than not provide an unsatisfactory performance with LED products. Over the course of the last five years of testing only a handful of LED products have been found to be compatible with the RRD-6D. Below is a list of only LEDs that the RRD-6D has been found to be compatible with.


    DMF Lighting:

    LED12BR40/DIM/SE/830/RP (78389)

    Solais Lighting:


    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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    Thanks to SandiegoRep I think we have a par30 that works.
    I had tried Ieko 1-4 on different strings to no avail.
    SDR (yes that's your new name now) pointed me to TCP that he has in his house on 6D's.
    He has the R30. I tried R30 and Par30 and both worked.
    1 bulb no go. 2 bulb sort of on the high side of the dimmer but no dimmed down. 3-4 bulbs worked great.
    Will be installing about 50 more more Wed and will report back.
    Exactly what I was looking for. Real world experience.
    Would love to see a sticky on user experience with different bulbs and environments.
    There are multiple post like this but would be nice to see in one thread.

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