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Thread: PC and repeater on same subnet?

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    PC and repeater on same subnet?

    Hi -

    Planning for an implementation in my home. Is it necessary for the repeater and the Windows machine running the Essentials software to be on the same network subnet in order to be able to communicate? The only Windows machine in my house is on a lab network behind a router (performing NAT) that sits on the main network. The repeater will be on the main network.

    Will this setup allow for the software to communicate successfully with the repeater, or do I need to move the Windows machine to the main network when it needs to communicate with the repeater? The RadioRA networking document understandably doesn't reference this sort of setup.


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    Sorry, dumb question. The Windows machine won't be able to discover the repeater if they aren't on the same network.

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    In some situations it won't even be able to discover the repeater if the *are* on the same network :-P

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