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Thread: MACL dimmer doesn't work

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    MACL dimmer doesn't work

    We received this question from a customer, and thought others might be interested in this topic...

    I have a MACL-153M-IV (or 4?) and an old switch. I followed the odd wiring that listed in the install guide, but I need to hit the switch twice for it do anything. Any Ideas?

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    RE: MACL dimmer doesn't work

    Ensure that the wiring on the existing (old) switch has been modified as stated in step 5b of the instructions. If the wiring is correct make sure that the MACL-153M is programmed properly. This can be done by pressing and hold the ON/OFF button and the dim up until one of the green LEDs starts to blink. If the LED in the middle is blinking, push the dim down button once and the bottom LED will blink. Once the bottom LED is blinking push the ON/OFF button once and attempt to use both the dimmer and the switch normally.

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    Anna W.

    Wrong Instructions MACL

    As Michael stated, the wiring is different so using an old wiring diagram may not work. Here is a link to the instructions you should be using click here for install instructions

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