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Thread: 2.4gHz interference? with motion sensors?

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    2.4gHz interference? with motion sensors?

    I've got an install where an LRF2-OWLB will unexpected sense and trigger the occupied setting. Doesn't happen with any kind of predictability and isn't repeatable.

    I happened to run across Application Note 497:

    Quote Quote
    Microwave energy (2.4 GHz) like that transmitted by wireless routers and microwave ovens is known to couple intothe motion-detecting passive-infrared circuitry in occupancy and vacancy sensors which are in close proximity.This type of coupling could result in a sensor falsely detecting motion in an empty room and can affect all sensorsthat rely on passive-infrared sensing technology.
    I have tried a different sensor and the problem recurred. So it wasn't that particular sensor, but it was the same model. There is 2.4ghz equipment in the room. It's a wiring closet, so it's not like the gear can be moved! That and the sensor's location is pretty much the only option to get the kind of triggering desired.

    Anyone else run into this? Is there any kind of way to determine what tripped the sensor if this kind of interference was involved?

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    Have you tried temporarily moving the sensor to another location and testing if the same thing continues to occur away from the equipment? I would recommend setting the timeout to 1 minute, turn the lights on from the sensor and then place the sensor somewhere it will not see any movement. After 1 minute the sensor will timeout and turn the lights off. When the sensor is taken out of the box the lights will come back on as long as there is no interference.

    You could also temporarily program a different set of lights to the sensor to make sure the dimmers are not being effected by anything around them, then the same testing as before.

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