Is there any way via the RS-232 port on a main repeater to dump the same data as can be obtained via the XML data extracted from http://main.repeater.ip.address/DbXmlInfo.xml

It'd be convenient, from a programming standpoint, to using only one interface to get things set up. I can, of course, use the network, call zeroconf to query the subnet to find the repeaters, and then interrogate them, but I'll have a serial connection already made.. seems easier...

This leads to the next question, is there a way via RS232 to query the repeater to determine what configuration it's using? As in, a quick way to check if the XML data I've previously extracted is still valid. Or do I have to round-trip back to (and through) the DbXmlInfo.xml file again?

The header on the XML file reports:
<Project>	<ProjectName ProjectName="Some House" />
	<Copyright>Copyright 2010 Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. All rights reserved</Copyright>
Now, clearly, I can't use the DbExportDate and Time values, as they appear to be 'just now' values. They change each time a request is made.

What sets the value of GUID? It's not changed across data Transfers from Essentials/Inclusive. I've got a couple of exports and they all have the same value.

I've inquired regarding the HTTP call in another thread.