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Thread: Maestro Single Pole Fan/Light dimmer Power to the Fixture

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    Maestro Single Pole Fan/Light dimmer Power to the Fixture

    Trying to install this switch and power is to the fixture. Anyone know of a wiring diagram where i can get this to work on this switch without running another wire? Thanks

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    Katie H.

    You can find the installation guide for this setup here. This model will only use one wire between the control and the fan/light. I hope this helps.

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    Hi..i am a new user actually. As per my knowledge you can find the idea to connect the wires from the manual itself. Check the proper specification of it and connect the things accordingly. I don't have the link or suggestion for the diagram but you can go for the link suggested above. Actually it is not tough but also confusing. You you shouldn't go without the proper diagram for this.

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