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Thread: Email Alerts

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    Email Alerts

    I would like the Lutron Corporate folks to know that I am the sort of glutton for punishment that would appreciate:
    emails that tell me there is a new QS or RA2 software release.
    emails that tell me there is a new Qs or RA2 technical bulletin.
    emails that tell me the Lutron Website is Down for the next day (or back up, for that matter).
    emails that tell me the Super Moderator has posted a general announcement on the Forums.

    That is in addition to emails that tell me a client's QS or RA2 processors are failing to report on WAN after 'x' number of hours.
    Or a QS link is shorted.
    Or any number of diagnostic messages.

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    Seconded. These all seem like simple implementations.

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