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Thread: Repeater placement best practice?

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    Repeater placement best practice?

    Are there any best practices regarding repeater placement? The house in question is a single story ranch with a basement. All dimmers will be on the main floor. Would it be considered a best practice to locate the repeaters in closets on the main floor? Between the floor joists that are accessible from the basement? In the attic? I haven't seen this discussed anywhere.


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    There are a few theories, but I always taught to make it easy.

    Place your main in one of these places:
    In/on the AV rack or closet- easy integration and always a network connection
    In the client's home office- again, always network available
    At the media panel for distribution for the house

    Auxiliary repeaters can be placed almost anywhere you can find an outlet, but I find under sinks and over the oven if the range hood is part of the cabinets are nice "hidden" places.

    When I come into a RR2 house, these are the first places I look for the mains. I think maybe twice I had to have the homeowner show me where it actually was. In case you need to hardwire to the main, you need it easily accessible.

    Lastly- please don't put them in the attic, there is a limited heat range that the RR2 devices are supposed to operate at- 32deg- 104deg. Your attics can easily get over that in most environments in the summer.
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