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Thread: 9.2: Mode Monitoring Does Not Work!

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    9.2: Mode Monitoring Does Not Work!

    Noticed after upgrade to 9.2 that mode monitoring is non functioning. Here is a sample session:

    Enabling Monitoring:
    Toggling Green Mode Here:
    GNET> Rx GOTO step 0002, sequence ID:01d8 ... advancing to step 0002
    Activating preset 0x000001e1
    Toggling Green Mode Again:
    Rx GOTO step 0001, sequence ID:01d8 ... advancing to step 0001
    Activating preset 0x000001da

    Expected ~MODE feedback is not appearing in the log. What can be done to fix it?

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    Hi Veeeh, when you are monitoring the thermostat, set your Room set point and then press the Green mode button. In the monitoring you will see the the set points change. You will also see the mode change as well, you would want to look for a line that says "~HVAC,ID,3,X" where ID is the integration ID of the thermostat and X is the mode. 1 = off, 2 = Heat, 3 = Cool, 4 =Auto and 5 = Emergency Heat.

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    Hi Mike. When toggling the Green Mode, I do see all the devices change their levels (and HVACs change their settings as well). However the problem is that MODE monitoring is broken, expected ~MODE never comes in!

    I can interrogate repeater by sending ?MODE, and it will correctly respond to that with ~MODE, however it does not send ~MODE monitoring command when you tap on a Green Button.

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    P.S. I'm not monitoring HVAC, but rather the state of the Green Mode. MODE is a command is to switch between Green Modes, not for changing HVAC modes.

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