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Thread: Upgrading Illuminations to Homeworks QS with QED Shades

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    Question Upgrading Illuminations to Homeworks QS with QED Shades

    I have a client that currently has Homeworks Illuminations RF with QED shades. His home sustained substantial water damage from a broken pipe and requires major work. In one of his rooms he has QED Shades that I reinstalled last year after replacing the motors. (Prior Installer did not wire properly). I told him about the QS Upgrade and he is interested but it makes no sense to replace the year old shade motors. Can I link the Q96 Controller to the new QS processor? Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.

    Thank You in advance

    David Groves
    High IQ Homes Texas, LLC

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    When upgrading to Homeworks QS, there are three options for your QED shades:

    1) Replace the QED drives with QS drives to allow them on the QS wired link for direct shade control and feedback.

    2) Leave the Homeworks Illumination processor connected to the QED shades. Contol the shades by sending ethernet string commands from the QS processor to the Illumination processor.

    3) Send contact-closure output commands from the QS processor via the QSE-IO to a SVQ-CCI-8 input closure board that will be on the QED shade MUX link. Depending on the amount of shade groups you are controlling, you will need multiple QSE-IO/SVQ-CCI-8 combinations.

    Option 1 is the most seamless, however options 2 or 3 may be more cost effective, depending on the number of shade drives, and how many shade groups you are controlling. The HWI-Q96 interface that is used for QED shades in the Illumination system is not compatible with Homeworks QS.

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    Thank you for the reply. I will investigate the options and see what works best. I'm wondering if Lutron will offer upgrades of shade motors in the current promotion. The previous Lutron dealer did a terrible job installing the wires and last year the wires got tangled in the shades tearing up the shades and the drive motors.

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    Shade drives are included in the upgrade offer. Please check with Customer Service (1-888-LUTRON1) for the details of this promotion.

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