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Thread: Need Bigger Keypad Buttons

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    Need Bigger Keypad Buttons

    It's really neat that Palladiom keypads are available for HWQS, but we've been spec'ing engraved Picos as keypads in a number of places where people don't want an itty-bitty button to press. This is not ideal.

    Standard RR2 keypads really aren't great for frequent use or bounding through the house, especially while holding things. With standard dimmers and switches, Lutron has this just right, with a massive button, but you go from that to a tiny button that fits 7 in a Decora stack with ANY keypad. This makes people have to stop what they're doing to make a precise press.

    Lutron, could you please offer Palladiom with RR2 in some way or something similar? It's fine if there's an extra processor box needed or some graceful way to migrate from RR2 to HWQS without having to replace all the devices, especially now that Palladiom exists. Think of all the upgrade dollars for a retrofit situation like that! Thanks!

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    Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback. I will forward this to our System Development team so they can look in to this as a future release. We will also be releasing our GrafikT CL Hybrid keypad by the end of the first quarter this year. Depending on the button configuration that is used, these will have larger but thinner buttons.

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