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Thread: Help me understand Occupancy Sensor logic?

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    The only "workaround" which would currently work would be using two occupancy sensors instead of one, and enable/disable them based on time of day. It would be much better if this type of functionality was available within RR2 itself without resorting to this type of hacks.

    It would also be nice if we could enable/disable occupancy sensors from keypad buttons too - not only from scheduled events. Mike, can this be made possible in a future update?

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    This thread was relevant to something I was trying to program yesterday. I want, but failed to get:

    - only the main overhead lights to come on upon occupancy @ 100% during the day (not 11pm to 6am)
    - only the soft-light sconces to come on upon occupancy at 25% during the evening (11pm to 6am)
    - all lights in the room off after Powr Savr configured timeout

    But I couldn't find a way to make this happen, since you can only change the Powr Savr's mode via a Timeclock program. I'm programming via the 10.0 software.

    Any help?

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    MisterC: The programming you are looking for would need to be done with conditional programming which is only available in Homeworks QS.

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