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Thread: Sivoia QS are alive in the Diagnostic of Inclusive software but impossible to adjust

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    Question Sivoia QS are alive in the Diagnostic of Inclusive software but impossible to adjust

    I inherited an existing project composed of a RadioRA2 system and Sivoia QS wireless shades. I extracted the file using Inclusive 8.2 (which is the version the Main Repeater was operating on) and reprogrammed all the keypads as per the client request. So far so good. Client also asked me to adjust the low-end of a shade. Interestingly enough, when I open the Diagnostic tool, all shades and devices in the house are within range and communicating. But when I open the Shade Adjustment tool, the shades do not respond at all. Why don't they respond if they are communicating to the system and obeying the commands of the keypad and Picos?
    Thank you!

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    Depending on the Rev of the wireless receiver, the shade may not support limit setting from the software. If you look on the receiver there is a "W" code on the bottom of the sticker on the back of the receiver. The receiver will need to be a W5 or higher in order to support the limits being set from the software. If the code is lower then the shade limits will need to be manually set from the EDU.

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