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Thread: Scene turns on after off press....

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    Greta! I will try it.
    Thanks for your help!!

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    Well, I'm not sure. I had a fixture on an 8NA that didn't quite act right. It was a 10w Versi-LED overhead light. I swapped it for a 6NA and now it works perfectly. I don't need to be able to dim it, but I do at least need it to work!

    I also recall one of the circuits with Lightolier 12v MR16 cans having an issue with a 6D. That went away with a 6NA. But there was a lot going on with the wiring in that box during the setup (two separate 4-way paths using MR16 cans). So what seemed like a dead 6D (which tested fine in another location) might have had more to do with the 12v load involved. At this point I'm running with the notion "if it ain't incandescent" then use a 6NA.

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    I will do that!

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