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Thread: Missing RRD/RKD button configurations

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    Missing RRD/RKD button configurations

    Unless the material I'm finding is wrong, it seems that the complete list of button configurations for RRD-W, RRD-H, and new RRD-HN keypads is:
    • 1RLD (3-button plus 2-button with R/L)
    • 2RLD (dual 2-button with R/L groups)
    • 3BD (dual 3-button groups)
    • 3BSRL (3-button, spaced, with R/L)
    • 3S (3-button, with favorite scene with R/L)
    • 4S (4-button with favorite scene & R/L)
    • 5BRL (5-button with R/L)
    • 5BRLIR (5-button with R/L & front IR window)
    • 6BRL (6-button with R/L)
    • 7B (7-button) (seems only to be available as RRD-W (no hybrid or C-L hybrid)

    Wondering why there are some seemingly-absent non-R/L model numbers, at least when compared to configs that were available in the earlier low-voltage wired keypads)... such as: 1B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B? I think a 4BS (4-buttons, spaced, with no R/L) would be a great config... and think it used to be an option.) Is there really no way to get a simple clean, spaced 2-button or 3-button keypad in RR2?

    One example - I'm trying to have a keypad that controls and monitors timeclock schedules (Normal, Away, Vacation, Entertaining) that lights up the LED showing which schedule is active. Simple to program, but there's just no need for R/L buttons. I need a 4B for this (4BS would be perfect.)

    Could configs like this be ordered as RKD-E engraved keypad replacement kits?

    Related question - why is there no 7B configuration available for Hybrid keypads?

    Lutron seems to think that for RR2, everyone needs R/L buttons on every keypad. That's just not the case. My customers just don't always need R/L buttons, and it would be cleaner if we could order without them).


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    The hybrid has the dimmer underneath, so it always gets the R/L. If there is a button configuration that you would like, you can always order the old way- via the PDF files from They will make whatever you would like, just takes longer as it isn't a standard type for RR2. Make sure you clearly note the non-standard versions you are requesting. It will still be covered by one of the engraving certificates.
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    Thanks SDR. So they'll make anything i like? If I want one that looks like this:
    |     A      |
    |     C      |
    |     E      |
    |     G      |

    but I want it on a Hybrid body (note it has no R/L, but that's ok to me as the load can be dimmed elsewhere and via software)...
    they'll make it that way for me?

    Logically, I think that design should be called a H4S, (4-buttons, spaced out) but they already (wrongly in my opinion) use the H4S designation to a 4-button with a single space and a R/L combo). There used to be a W3S offered that was 3 spaced out buttons, no R/L... so the design above seems like it would be 4S.

    Anyway, if i can describe that in the PDF, they'll make it? It fits in the standard button layouts, but would be a hybrid with no R/L.


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    There's another thread on a similar topic. It appears Lutron has changed their policy regarding sending in the old engraving PDF files. You'll want to call customer service to verify. It may not be possible to do this anymore.
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