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Thread: Inclusive's Bill of Materials report - missing item

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    Angry Inclusive's Bill of Materials report - missing item

    When you program a project and you choose to mount a Pico on the wall, the Inclusive software's Bill of Materials forgets to add the WBX-ADAPT which is needed to mount a Pico to the wall or inside a gang on the wall. Please correct this bug.

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    The Radio Ra2 software has never added the wall mounting kit when selecting the wall mount option. I have forwarded your feedback to our Software team so they can look into adding this to a future release of the software.

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    Understood, thank you. That applies as well to the L-PED1 (Pico pedestal). For a reason the Inclusive software in the Design tab asks whether the Pico will be wall mounted, stand alone, or on a pedestal. The BOM should reflect that as it gives us a complete list of materials, useful after installation and commissioning of the systems for billing purposes. When we go on-site to install a new system, we never know until the end the exact BOM (variations occur during installation of the dimmers/switches/devices). But when we finalize everything and "activate/transfer" the project, then we have the most updated view on the BOM. The BOM gives the faceplates, right? Then it should give everything else. Thank you.

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