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Thread: Lutron C-L digital dimmer (MACL-153MLH-WH Won't Turn Off

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    Lutron C-L digital dimmer (MACL-153MLH-WH Won't Turn Off

    I installed a 19 LED line voltage (120v) tape rope over my kitchen cabinets from Pegasus Lighting (links below). I hardwired the tape rope in for a wall dimmer switch. I installed a Lutron C-L digital dimmer (MACL-153MLH-WH. I used this dimmer as a single location and for the LED rope light only. My problem is that the LED rope light remains dimly lit at the off/lowest setting. I've gone through all the settings and I cannot turn it off. This rope light is made for 120v in line voltage which requires no transformer. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what did you do for correction? If there isn't a correction for this dimmer, could you suggest one that you know would work? Your help would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you, Ray

    LED Tape Rope Links:
    Pegasus Lighting;


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    This is a common occurrence with LED and no-neutral wire Maestro dimmers, whether CL or not. You would be able to fix this with the MRF2-6ND-120-WH dimmer. A bit more expensive, but the neutral gives a place for the little extra amperage for the readout LEDs someplace to go. You can adjust the low end trim on the MRF2 via the advanced programming mode.

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