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Thread: Computation of Season(s)

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    Question Computation of Season(s)

    during the summer, we installed some roller shades for a client; due to the furnishing in the room, the shades on the south side closed 4 hours before sunset and the shades on the west side closed 3 hours before sunset. Then, at 1 hour before sunset, the shades are opened again (at that point, the sun had dropped below the tree line and the client wanted them to be open).

    Fast forward to the winter (current); the sun now tracks a lower arc in the sky, which means our original swag is off (the shades really need to be lowered earlier than what we originally programmed).

    is there any "good" way for the Lutron processor to compute (close is good enough) the transitions to different seasons (spring/summer/fall/winter)? I guess I could just use 3/20 and 9/22 as a "close guess" but is this something that can easily figured out...maybe another time clock option built in?

    The QS system is attached to a Crestron system so I could do the work there, but I was hoping to keep all of this logic in the lighting system.


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    You would need the Crestron system to change the times, either by programming into Crestron or using phantom buttons on the main repeater (assuming RA2). Ra2 and Caseta do not have Calendars. If you are using HW, then you would be able to program a conditional based on the date/season to change the times.
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