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Thread: QS Architectural Faceplates

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    Lightbulb QS Architectural Faceplates

    Had some challenges ordering architectural wall plates; even more trouble when the order arrived today. The QS BOM generates an R5 part number that cannot be ordered and does not add any wall plates for dimmers, remote devices, or hybrid keypads? In regard to the order that arrived today, thirty-five R3 wall plates were missing.

    Any idea when the software might better generate an accurate BOM when architectural devices are used?

    LL (AKA, Lighting Larry)

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    We just received a QS order with all architectural dimmers and keypads.

    - No insert keypads come with the plates so that's not an issue.
    - If you gang dimmers together it will include the multi-gang plate you need.
    - Single dimmers do not come with wall plates and the software does not provide this part number. I successfully ordered single gang white with NTR3NFBWH

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    The R5 opening is only required in a multi-gang Architectural wallplate that includes a Maestro dimmer. The R3 openings work for a single-gang Architectural Maestro dimmer or keypad...and for multi-gang Architectural keypads.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, Larry. The fix is tentatively scheduled for release in the next version of software.

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