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Thread: Verifying low-end procedure - bug?

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    Post Verifying low-end procedure - bug?

    When using Inclusive and selecting the Low-end Adjustment feature under Tools, we have the option to "flash" the zone we selected for low-end verification. In several occasions, clicking on Flash would cause more than one zone to flash: the one we selected, and another random one. The random one often happens to be the one associated to a hybrid keypad button. Has anyone experienced this phenomena before?

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    Dimerize, we haven't had any known issues that explain the symptoms you are experiencing. The next time you have this happen, could you create a support file and send it in to and we can take a look at what may be causing this to happen.

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    I have seen this before, usually with older dimmers that the firmware has trouble with the low end feature. I was told by the engineers that this shouldn't be the case, but my demo box would flash all the dimmers when I used the tool.
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    I see this too, mostly with the wall plug dimmers and appliance switches. Those devices seem to always flash.

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