I recently installed a Maestro fan timer control (T530GH) in our master and second bathrooms. When using our hairdryer in the master bathroom, the fan shuts off and the fan timer starts blinking the 30 & 20 min lights. As soon as I turn off the hairdryer, the fan timer stops blinking and the fan restarts. Before installing the fan timer, the fan would run just fine while using the hairdryer. The odd part is using the hairdryer and fan in the second bathroom works perfectly.

It appears that both bathrooms are wired as 15A (house built in 2005 before code was changed to require 20A circuit). The GFCI receptacle in our master is also feeding the only receptacle in the second bathroom. The hairdryer is rated at 2000w @ 125v, which is definitely more than what should be used on 15A circuit with lights and a fan (but is obviously OK for such short infrequent use). When we remodel our master, I'll be running a dedicated 20A GFCI circuit. :)

What I don't understand is why I can run the hairdryer in the second bathroom with the fan/lights but can't in the master. I assume the T530GH is reporting an error by blinking the 30 & 20 min lights but I couldn't find a information about what that means exactly.

Does anyone have any information that might help me out?

Thank you.