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Thread: Thermostat set points changing on their own

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    Thermostat set points changing on their own

    We took over a completed RA 2 system, one change we made was to disable the HVAC settings in the Away timeclock mode. The set points for away were 63 for heat and 83 for cooling. After transferring the file to the repeater, adjusting the thermostat set points to 72/78, and some time passing, all 8 of the thermostats will revert back to 63/83. This happens every couple hours, the . There are no scheduled events set, the system is in the normal timeclock mode (not that that should matter since the HVAC settings option was disabled in the away mode).

    Any ideas??

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    Check that your firmware is up to date with the file you transferred in to the main repeater. If possible, update to 9.3.
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