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Thread: Roller Shade for Tilt and Turn windows?

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    Roller Shade for Tilt and Turn windows?

    I have a client that want motorized shades for tilt and turn windows. Installing the shade above the windows is not an option(no space). The only way to do it is install the shade directly on the window frame. Am I asking for trouble with this type of installation? I am specifying Sivoia QS wireless with Radio RA2. Going into the soffit is not an option since there is a fan coil HVAC bellow the window.
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    Those look like inswing windows. I don't see a simple solution for roller shades if you cannot go up into the soffit. If you are specifying wired-power RF shades could they be attached to the bottom of the soffit? Are you planning 3 roller shades, 1 at the center and 1 on each side for the active inswing windows?

    If you had 3 1/2" between the top of the inswing panels and the bottom of the soffit I would consider R64 with a fascia ceiling-mounted to the bottom of the soffit. I would not try to mount to the window frame.

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    We do have a resource for cad drawings on the website. Visit and hover your mouse over service and support then select cad downloads. Then you wil see the alphabet. Hover your mouse over S and select Sivoia QS. There is a pdf version for each drawing to allow for quick view of the drawings. Perhaps reviewing these can help for your application.

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    i have the same issue... any solution ?

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    This is the best solution for you
    Please check this site
    repeatedly appealed to them

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