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Thread: Pico 4 button control

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    Pico 4 button control

    Not sure if this should be in trouble shooting or programming. First the background, installed several triathlon honeycomb shades. Paired them with Pico 4 button control for a month while my wife decided on what type of programming she wanted. Just recently brought the laptop home and added the shades to the RadioRA 2 Essentials file I have for our house. Shades went into the design, program, activate and transfer no problem. The issue I have is that the Pico remotes are not working with the shades. First thing I did was to delete the Pico's and re-enter them. No luck. Then I factory re-set the pico's and re-entered them, still no luck. The existing RR-T5RL-SW that was already on the system works with the shades (I programed a up button, a down button, and raise/lower buttons for the room the control is in). And the existing RRD-W7B-WH also works with the shades after I programmed an all up button and an all down button. I have yet to program an event such as all down at sunset.

    So the question is what am I doing wrong with the Pico 4 button control for them not to work once programmed, activated, and transferred in essentials? Do I need to delete the shades, factory reset, and then add back to the program to be paired with the Pico since I initially used them via Pico control out of essentials?

    Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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    Good Morning, the 4 button Picos should work fine in the Radio Ra2 system. If you compare the model on the back of the Pico, does it match what you have added in the software? If it does, could you please create a support file by going to Help > Support > Create Support File while your computer is connected to the Main Repeater. We will be happy to take a look at it and find out what may be causing this issue. You can send the Support File to

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