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Thread: Lights flash once, don't come on

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    Lights flash once, don't come on

    I'm pretty new here with lutron. One of the switches I installed was a PD-5WS-DV-WH. In a dual T8 fixture I bypassed the ballast, tried these and these. The first set are worse, but both bulbs will flash once and not come on. If I turn it off and on (sometimes repeatedly) they will come on and stay on. The provided MLC was installed (without it the switch blinks red). After searching the forums I didn't come up with much, I followed some links to bulb choosers, but they just confused me further. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    We have seen some instances where the PD-5WS-DV isn't able to switch some LED loads, even with the LUT-MLC installed. In these cases we would recommend using the PD-6ANS-color (neutral required) Caseta switch instead of the 5WS-DV.

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