I have a project where we have created a scene called "evening", which starts at sunset and ends at 11 pm. One of the elements of the scene is the light in a powder room, which comes on at 25%. When there are evening guests, they find themselves using the powder room in dim illumination, and if they key the light button, the light turns off. Keying again brings back the 25%, naturally, as that is the current setpoint. Of course, a double click will set the light to 100%, but it's hard to remember to teach the guests about that, or even to remember to mention it.

What we would like is that, during the day, the button works normally, but if the evening scene is active, a single press of the button turns the light up to 100%. Then an additional press (as the guest leaves) restores the scene setting of 25%.

Can anyone help me with getting this done?