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Thread: Upgrading HomeWorks Interactive to HomeWorks Illuminations

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    Upgrading HomeWorks Interactive to HomeWorks Illuminations

    Upgrading a project from Interactive to Illuminations is a rather simple process. If more than one Interactive processor is used in this project, all processors will have to be replaced for Illuminations processors. If the same style Illuminations processor is obtained, simply swapping the processors will work and keep the system running. If the Interactive processor has an internal board (H48, D48, etc.) links 4 and 5 would have to be swapped when installing the Illuminations processor. The project file from the Interactive software will run in HomeWorks Illumination granted you make it a “.hdf” file. Interactive and Illuminations also have same integration protocol for third party control.

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    Armando, I have a system with a HWI-PM-120 (MI-H48) and an HRP-120. I want to swap out the HRP-120 with a HRP5-120. I opened my interactive file in illumination 1.33. After I switch the RF processor out and try to upload the file, it says that the older processor is not supported. What mistake am I making? I was under the understanding that I could have one older generation processor in my illumination project. I looked in the illumination software and all processors that you can choose are P5.

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    Additionally, Illumination automatically changed my wired processor to a P5 processor when I imported my interactive file.

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