One the questions we get from our customers is, ďWhy donít my lights turn on/off automatically like they should?Ē

Lights turning on or off automatically are either being controlled by occupancy/vacancy sensors, daylight sensors, or timeclock events.

If your lights are controlled by sensors, check/change the batteries in the sensors.

If your lights are programmed on Timeclock events, check that the events are enabled and programmed properly. In Quantum 1.5 to 2.7, go to Q-Admin, Control and Monitoring Tab, Timeclock and verify if there is an event for the wanted area or not. In Quantum 3.0 or later, you will use the Schedules tile from the Main Dashboard or Area Dashboard. Just click the event on the calendar and then click the pencil icon to edit. Schedules are covered in the User Guide beginning on page 12.